HCG Medical Weight Loss for Women in Maryland

Offering supervised medical weight loss programs to help women lose weight effectively

Maryland HCG Medical Weight Loss for WomenOn any given day, at least half of all girls and women in the United States are on a diet. If you’re not currently one of them, you probably have been in the past. You swear it will be different each time you go on a diet, but it only ends in frustration and failure. It’s not that you have no willpower or don’t want to succeed. More than likely, the diet you chose to follow each time was simply not realistic for long-term success.

Women who go on one of the popular commercial diet plans tend to follow a similar pattern. They start the diet determined to do well and they do, for a while anyway. During the first few weeks of reducing calories, most women are actually losing water weight. Since they have no way of knowing that, they don’t understand why the weight loss slows down or stops just when it seemed everything was going so well. The answer lies in biology. After the initial water weight loss, the body receives the message that it’s starving. In order to protect itself, it hangs onto excess fat and burns muscle for energy instead.

How the HCG Diet for Women is Different

It can be extremely frustrating to realize that your body is actively resisting your efforts to lose weight, but that’s what it was designed to do. The HCG hormone tricks the body into burning fat from the very first day of the diet in addition to resetting your metabolism. Because of this, you don’t feel deprived even when consuming far fewer calories than you are accustomed to. The key to success with this program is to follow your personalized eating plan while receiving an HCG injection each day. When you have met your weight loss goal, you move immediately into maintenance.

With most commercial diet plans, you’re only one woman among many participants. Whether it’s in person or over the Internet, you’re unlikely to get the individual support you need to drop the pounds and inches for good. These plans typically treat everyone the same without considering each person’s unique health needs. The HCG Diet takes a different approach. You work one-on-one with a doctor from the day of your initial assessment until you finish the maintenance phase. He or she provides ongoing supervision, support, and encouragement that makes it easier to reach your goals. Your doctor also customizes your eating plan as well as the dosage and strength of your HCG.

If you have seen homeopathic HCG for sale at a drugstore or online, it’s important to understand that this practice is not legal. HCG for weight loss purposes is only available by prescription and a doctor must supervise the diet plan. Your doctor will complete a medical exam and review your health history before writing your customized prescription for HCG.

How to Start the HCG Diet

We offer this free directory to help you find Maryland HCG Diet Doctors for women in your area. Please read several doctor profiles to gain a good understanding of each professional’s education and experience with the HCG Diet. After creating a list of possibilities, contact each office to request an appointment with the provider of your choice. Attending more than one intake appointment gives you the opportunity to compare physicians so you are certain that you have selected the right one. However, it’s not a requirement. You may click with the first HCG Doctor in Maryland you visit.

In addition to the medical exam and health history evaluation, the HCG Diet Specialist will provide you with detailed information about following the plan. Feel free to ask as many questions as necessary to make sure you understand your responsibilities as a patient. If you’re tired of yo-yo dieting, take heart. A healthy new you is just around the corner.